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•low/no pile heavyweight rug

•imperfect roughly 6” squares.

•Offwhite & citron/moss/chartreuse. (A shade more towards golden than the photo we will be using as a reference!)

•no fringe

Wall color modern love

No real deadline, but will be working on details for the time being until we have it all perfected!

First 1/2 payment is nonrefundable,

not including shipping.

Final Price estimated at 4K- give or take a little either more or less! Final exact quote will be given once we lock in exact details and i know what dye colors will need to be mixed to get your color etc🤍 but nothing too far off of that quote!

Thank you again for wanting to fill your home with my product! 🤍 I am so so honored to be a part of your home after i was lucky enough to be a part of your wedding day!

C U S T O M R U G • N I C

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