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The first piece in the OpalMilk nest collection is this unique wool psychedelic checkered beauty. Rye designed the checkers to be intentionally imperfect and interesting, and as a result they almost play tricks on your eyes like they’re dripping or waving; it makes the entire room feel electric and fills a room with the reminder that imperfection, is perfection. Finished with two rounds of vintage washing, this piece has a worn in “vintage” feel.

Hand made•Any size•Any color• High quality wool•No animals harmed during production•All natural fibers and dyes (no synthetics, no chemicals)✌🏼

This listing is for size 8’x10’ (as shown in photos)

WANT SOMETHING CUSTOM?: In true OpalMilk fashion, I’ll also be accepting orders for fully custom designs. Made to fit YOU and your space.

Begin your custom home journey by scheduling a consult with Rye to discuss your space - this can be found on the “nest” page.

D r i p p i n g S q u a r e s

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