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M E E T  R Y E 




Growing up in the Pacific North West gave me an insatiable craving for nature and the industrial, practical styles that the region requires. I translate these cravings into my artwork (especially in my jewelry line), and pair them with the unexpected. I love the combination of something dead, ugly, and rigid; with a touch of something that sparkles. Perhaps it is the way I translate how I see myself, and the constant turn-over of a life transcending. Yin & Yang, that lovely balance.


I was raised by a determined, patient, wonderful single mom, which is probably why the appreciation for female figures tends to come out in out in my work. Via her help and motivation I moved to Italy in 2011 and studied under some wonderful people. It was then that I decided to officially pursue art as a career, I have never looked back.


I am currently based out of Dallas and would love to hear any feedback, project proposals, or offers for collaboration!

Feel free to follow me on Instagram or Facebook (links at top of page).

A giant thank you to all of my friends & family who inspire me or who have encouraged me, I love you.


You can read more about my story in this article by Voyage Dallas: 

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