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Each O P A L M I L K piece is considered wearable  A R T and should be cared 

for accordingly. They are intended for special occasions, rather than everyday wear.  


To ensure that they are cared for:

Avoid water, as the crystals will erode and come loose from their setting.

Please remove jewelry when washing hands, bathing, or swimming in the sea.

Take caution not to hit or store the pieces on hard surfaces, as crystals can break.

although breakage is rare with proper care, it can happen. Damage that occurs is 

typically caused by the wearer, and thewearer assumes all responsibility.


Should you need a repair, Rye can attmept to fix your piece for a fee of $20-100

depending on the severity of the damage.In the event that a stone breaks, nothing 

can be done to fix this, given that the stones are natural and cannot be repaiired.




Thank you for your understanding and 

for respecting my craft

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Because each piece is hand made, just for you, Rye will not exchange an item or accept a return (partially for sanitary reasons). Please choose your piece carefully before placing an order. 



OpalMilk calculates shipping & packaging fees at checkout based on buyer's location and product weight. OpalMilk is not responsible for any issues that happen with the mailing process once you have been sent tracking. Buyer is responsible for taking up any issues with mail services personally. Most OpalMilk items are hand made in the order they are received,  please expect work queue to be up to 4-6 weeks.

Rush orders are available upon request for items needed in a hurry. 

GIFTING: Handmade leather embossed travel pouch option available. You can find this listed under the "bags" section, and add the corresponding size to your order. 


OpalMilk accepts PayPal or credit card. 


For any collaboration or wholesale inquires, please contact Rye via the contact button below. 

OpalMilk is always flattered and grateful for opportunities to be featured in your creation process, depending on availabilty of the items requested.  

Select pieces may be loaned out for photoshoots &/or workshops upon request for a restocking fee of roughly $50 per item. The rental fee is gauged by the price of the item being rented. Please note* if items are broken, stained, damaged, or lost (including in mail) during their rental time, there will be additional fees or required payment for the piece at full price. 

Rented items are for creative projects ONLY and are never to be rented for an event, or for an actual couple hiring for their engagement or wedding photos. Renter will be charged IN FULL for the items they have borrowed if it is discovered these rules were disregarded. 

Thank you for respecting these policies and for considering OpalMilk for your vision! 

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