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The swag award will always go to Mr. Elton John.

• D E S C R I P T I O N • SMALL •

By far, hands down, the most unique fringer I have ever found. One of the best preserved items from the 50's I have seen, although of course it has a few missing fringe and some imperfection ( a couple spots where hair has been rubbed raw and some discoloration on the leather- the zoom photo gives you an idea of what the vintage character looks like) I cant believe how much soul and life it has left in it. This item is meant for true vintage lovers only. Was expensive on my end, and price reflects that, but SO worth it- and because the ivory leather is soft, I reccomend leaving it uncustomized outside of the clean up work I have done to it- but the lapels have room if youd like. Heavy weight. Final images show potential patches, pins, and examples of engraving styles to help get you inspired! •Listed sizes are my best guess according to measurements- PLEASE measure these provided measurements against your favorite oversized jacket if you aren’t sure about sizing. Chest 37 Length 23 (not including fringe) Sleeve 21.5 Shoulder 15.5

•H O W T H I S W O R K S • S T E P O N E • Pick your girl. • S I Z I N G • General sizes are provided. I couldn’t model all of them as they don’t all fit me, but if you’d like more details or specific measurements please use the contact page and I’ll do my best to help. • C U S T O M I Z A T I O N • This is one of the few jackets that is sold as ios without customization • R E M E M B E R • The majority of these jackets are reclaimed vintage that have been hand cleaned inside and out, repaired, and in some cases restructured for a better fit. They will have normal signs of vintage wear, but it adds to the charm. The few jackets that are new have been intentionally lightly distressed in areas to give that vintage feel. • PLEASE NOTE• Each of these custom jacket engravings will be worked on in the order in which it is received. Please be patient and expect some turn around time for the hand work to be completed. All sales final.


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