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• D E S C R I P T I O N • XS •
This oxblood fringer has the petite girl fit of your dreams. Gold hardware. Heavy weight. 
Final images show potential patches, pins, and examples of engraving styles to help get you inspired!
•Listed sizes are my best guess according to measurements- PLEASE measure these provided measurements against your favorite oversized jacket if you aren’t sure about sizing. 
Chest 32
Length 21
Sleeve 22.5
Shoulder 15.5

H O W   T H I S   W O R K S 

• S T E P  O N E • Pick your girl. 
• S I Z I N G • General sizes are provided. I couldn’t model all of them as they don’t all fit me, but if you’d like more details or specific measurements please use the contact page and I’ll do my best to help. 
• C U S T O M I Z A T I O N • regardless of if you know exactly what you want, want to dream something up together, or just want to give me total creative freedom, THIS WILL BE FUN! Let’s put flowers down your shoulders and lightning bolts down your collars. Let’s put your company name on the back in psychedelic font, an outline of your home state, or your pet’s paw print; There are no rules. Once you’ve placed your order I will email you to start mapping out your design. Please note that engraving will be more obvious on lighter colors, and more subtle on darker colors*
• P A T C H E S & P I N S • Custom chainstitch patches are hand made right here in Texas by the talented Daniel Wright of Durable Goods. They can be added to your jacket simply by adding one to your cart, and then we can decide where it would look best together. Pins are limited as there are only one of each, but they can be added in the same way.  
• P R I C I N G • Each jacket has a base price that covers the jacket itself, and accounts for the amount of work I’ve already put in to fix it up. 
Additionally- you’ll notice each order automatically adds $100 to the price shown- that’s payment for the fun part. Each jacket has a minimum $100 worth of customization because the point of these jackets is to make them unique pieces of art and I’d prefer not to sell them blank. Purchasing the jacket and the automatic minimum customization cost reserves your jacket and gets your project going- it’s like having a $100 credit towards your final jacket. 
Most customization similar to what’s shown in the example photos will fall within the minimum $100 range and what you pay will be your final cost. If the customization you want will be extremely complex or time consuming, we will negotiate price after you purchase. If you have questions about pricing for a design you have in mind, please use the contact page! 
• R E M E M B E R • The majority of these jackets are reclaimed vintage that have been hand cleaned inside and out, repaired, and in some cases restructured for a better fit. They will have normal signs of vintage wear, but it adds to the charm. The few jackets that are new have been intentionally lightly distressed in areas to give that vintage feel. 
• PLEASE NOTE• Each of these custom jacket engravings will be worked on in the order in which it is received. Please be patient and expect some turn around time for the hand work to be completed. All sales final. 


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