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Hand cut mirrors disco ball heels so that you can "shake ya (bride) groove thang" in style.



RUSH ORDER Custom clear Le Freak Disco Reception Heels

  • Please note prior to purchasing, that these are handmade items: 

    • Expect and leave time for up to 10 weeks for production. If you need them sooner, this can usually be done- but may be considered a rush order item, so please contact Rye if you have timeline concerns. 

    • Kindly understand that as these are hand made items, the mirrors and leather engraving are cut without use of a machine and might have imperfections. Please also note, that like all OpalMilk pieces, these are considered wearable art. They are NOT intended for rough wear and by purchasing, the wearer assumes responsibilty for damage once they have arrived in the mail to you. They are made of real mirrors, just like a true disco ball. That means that should the mirror tiles knock anything hard, including the other shoe's mirrors, they could crack. The leather engraving could also shift/flake with intense wear as leather is a natrual material.

    Thank you for having realistic expectations for your new disco queen shoes! they are truly one of a kind and made with love! 


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