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this listing is for 10ml of roll-on OpalMilk pure oil essence. Designed with notes from my workspace in mind it is heavy and long lasting, the natural oils working with your body chemistry to linger on skin rather than fade like most alcohol & synthetic based spray perfumes which fade quickly.•black tea, leather, vetiver, nag champa, Palo santo, jasmine, talc & musk, coconut water, Orange blossom, anise, lavender, tonka bean, gardenia, tobacco, cannabis.

• NOTE** I have changed some of the notes over time- the changes are slight but because each batch is hand crafted from carrier oils and soaked ingredients this process is not a sceince. Sometimes I will lighten or darken the smell a bit based on season, mood, etc....That is part of the fun *wink* embrace it. The notes are the same, I promise.

*upon arrival or during first usage- it may appear as though the bottle is leaking- fear not! Every once in a while if i overfill the glass, they overflow a tiny bit when i insert the roller ball top. A few drops sometimes go down into the wooden case- and then come out the first time or two being tipped upside down- but all is actually fine! (It just means you got as much product as i could possibly squeeze into your bottle! Yay!)


  • As one should with all products applied to skin-please use this product mindfully. Test a patch of skin for sensitivity prior to major use. Rye/OpalMilk is not responsible for any allergies or health concerns associated with the wear of products. Smells so good you might think you could consume, but please, external use only.

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