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•1 hour of in depth aesthetic study (combo of Pinterest and photos & notes from you- please send over by Monday if possible)

•Roughly 1 hour of commute time and fuel

•1 hour in home walkthrough from 12-1

(Will be hourly rate of 100/hour from there if we need to go over) with the intention of understanding how you are currently utilizing your space and belongings, and beginning by “ unraveling” your current flow and seeing how we can recombine things with a fresh pair of eyes.

Secondary goal will be to narrow a scope of work (will we be focusing on perfecting one room at a time, a couple, or truly trying to take on a wholistic overhaul of the home)?

•From there we will further decide what my role will be moving forward / how in depth our transformation will be!


•1963 mid century home (11323 coral hills dr)

•Style: mix of minimalist and mid-century heritage pieces that both stay true to the home and protect the investment.

•Primarily looking to recharge, but also works from home and needs creative space to thrive.

•places of interest : primary bedroom- a restorative place. Office- a creative and organized space full of inspiration- possibly color. Unused room- lounge potential, wellness/yoga space. master bath - total overhaul someday. Living room -furniture lovely but not comfortable. Breakfast nook.

Budget understood to range- 5-7k per room more or less depending on need and how much we can reinvent existing vs letting go and starting new chapters.

Study & 12/7 WED noon in home assesment

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