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Ask for what you need. Each of these hanging gold plated cradles hosts a stone known to support it's wearer by delivering different helpful energies from the earth. Select the stone you're craving, and wear on days you need nature's support system. Extreemly lightweight, and made with intention for everyday wear. 


1-kelly green jade- "I need self compassion"

2-clear quartz- "I need clarity"

3- tigers eye- "I need confidence"

4- obsidian- "I need grounding"

5-red agate- "I need harmony"

6-blue goldstone-"I need protection"

7-yellow jade- "I need joy"

8--rose quartz- "I need love"

9-green jade-"I need healing"

10- opalite- "I need inner light"

11-smoky quartz-"I need bravery" 

12-amethyst-"I need intuition & peace" 

13-orange jade- "I need connection"

14-turquoise- "I need wisdom"

15-goldstone- "I need ambition"

16-malachite- "I need to be bold"



Gaia Support

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